Joseph Brocard (1831-1896), lampe de mosquée en verre teinté à décor émaillé polychrome et or de fleurs,...

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Dior places great importance on the origins of its raw materials. The brand establishes a relationship of confidence with producers and systematically controls all of its raw materials from their harvest to their arrival at the Saint-Jean-de-Braye cellar, and their incorporation into a perfume. Dior strives for sustainable development: producers whose approach is durable are favored.

The word “Jasmine” has Persian origins, and Asian nationalities used jasmine branches with gorgeous white blossoms for their various ceremonies and rituals. This oil is one of the most common ones for meditation, stimulating the feelings of harmony and optimism, inducing joy and happiness, etc. It is one of the most commonly grown ornamentals in India and Bangladesh, where it is native. The flowers are used to make thick garlands used as hair adornments.

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So what are some of these famous, luxury perfume brands that command such a high price? How much you pay for a bottle of fragrance also depends on whether you are choosing to buy the concentrated perfume or the more dilute eau de parfum and eau de toilette.

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Swah, the one suggestion that I have for you is to use Vanilla Castor’s Sugar. You take a vanilla bean or two, add it to the sugar container, cover it and leave it for a period of time, shaking the container every few days. Within a month or two, you will have vanilla sugar, where the oils from the bean saturate the sugar. Then omit the vanilla extract from the recipe. The extract itself can leave a slight aftertaste to the cake that is eliminated with the use of vanilla sugar. I’ve made an Irish Stout Cake recipe very similar to this with the vanilla sugar being the only change to the cake itself. I use a bittersweet chocolate ganache for the icing, and Americans have accused me of “bringing a Howitzer to a knife fight” when I bring my cakes to potluck. BTW, the idiom is normally “bringing a gun to a knife fight,” but this cake recipe was THAT far above all the rest of theirs, in THEIR opinions.

3. Opium Oriental Limited Edition by Yves Saint Laurent 50 ml- .
For: women. Designer: Yves Saint Laurent Olfactive Group: Oriental Floral.

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