Bugles were introduced by General Mills in 1966.  I remember that my mother signed our family up to do testing for various new products coming out.  We were in the test group for Bugles.  I didn’t like them.  Of course, I was an incredibly picky eater and didn’t like most everything.

Quality released the first Dance Mix album as Dance Mix '90. Two Years later, Muchmusic Dance Mix '92 was released with the Muchmusic logo on the cover and a series of advertisements on the channel. The final album in this series, Dance Mix 1997, was released by Quality without Muchmusic branding. In the United States, Quality, through its co-owned US subsididary Critique/Radikal Records, used featured tracks from "Dance Mix '92" to release the first of eight "Dance Mix USA" compilations, which proved to be popular with American fans through endless television and print campaigns. The last "Dance Mix USA" set released in America was in 1998 through Radikal.

Excellence is the watchword for all we strive for at The Warwick School and it is my privilege to welcome you to a school community which places the needs and aspirations of each individual at the heart of all it does.

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