An unbreakable iPhone would be a godsend. There are two things people really want from an iPhone — long battery life and an unbreakable screen.

Not only that, she had an identical twin sister who had also been given up for adoption  -  and who had been taken in by another couple living in the same Derbyshire town as Mary.

My youthful outlook didn't just have to do with my religious environment, however. I chose that environment because I was afraid of the "scary world" and preferred my own imagination. I was 12 by the time I realized I was talking for my Cabbage Patch Kids. Also at age 12, I fell in love with a Christmas episode of "Punky Brewster," in which Punky leaves a necklace on the fireplace for her long-lost mother and finds it gone the next morning. That Christmas Eve, I left an "S" pendant necklace on the mantel for Soleil Moon Frye, the actress who plays Punky. When I found it still there the next day, I finally knew Santa Claus wasn't real. I still held out hope for Punky though.

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