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A tough, honorable former Navy SEAL gets more than he bargained for, but more than he can handle, when he accepts a job captaining a ship for a mysterious, sexy woman who turns out to be the wife of a ruthless drug kingpin.

Javier Grillo-Marxuach , a writer on the series, announced that the first of these had been scripted at the time of cancellation, with the other two outlined to conclude this final story arc. The plot outline can be found in a fansite interview. [3]

The Philippines and its traditional maritime rival, China, have agreed to restart bilateral negotiations over the row months after an international arbitral tribunal invalidated China's maritime claims.

I intend to take full and fulsome credit for all of this, needless to say. (Feel free to respond with snorting derision. My girlfriend already has.)

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There is no basis for the US to have fighting forces in Syria as it is. Unlike the Russians, the US has not been authorized to be in Syria now. Pointing at ISIS now is weak but after they are presumably destroyed, the US has got nothin'. Unfortunately, the US is not well known for playing by the rules.

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