Existing as part of the Fall of the Mutants event, this arc mainly deals with a demonic trickster named the Adversary, who can only be defeated by being sealed away. Since Forge is ultimately responsible for him being unleashed, he needs to complete a spell that will send him back.

The following timeline is set into three parts. The first is titled "The Past and Near Future" which included dates that we have already past up to the end of the current century. The section entitled "The Future" is one of the most commonly explored in science fiction take place between the year 2100 and 10,000 CE. The third section is "The Far Future" takes place between 10,000 until the end of the universe. Both the last two section are self-explanatory and are entitled "The End of Time" and "Beyond the End of Time".

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And my biggest question about all this would have to do with the fact that the photo was taken by people working for the US Navy. If the person who took this photo saw Amelia Earhart, an internationally recognized figure, alive and well in the Marshall Islands, it seems like they may have told someone about it.

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