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Grand Canyon National Park - More than a mile deep, 217 miles long, and 4-18 miles wide, the Grand Canyon is among the most popular camping and hiking destinations and all around must-sees in the Southern Nevada area. Far at the very bottom flows the Colorado River offering whitewater as well as calm rafting. Check our Outdoors Recreation and Extreme Tours sections for a selection of tour operators offering whitewater and camping adventures at the Canyon.
Most visitors prefer to simply visit the upper rim and gaze at the many natural formations and wide colorful vistas. Expect crowds in the more popular public areas most seasons except mid-winter. It's somewhat of a drive from Las Vegas being nearly 300 miles away by land to the nearest rim. You can drive to the public sites yourself, but there are numerous, excellent, affordable, bus, offroad vehicle, helicopter and airplane tours departing Las Vegas every day, to make the visit more informative and overall far more enjoyable, many of which even go to otherwise inaccessable areas by special arrangement. Check below and in our tours section for a large selection of tour operators offering literally hundreds of Grand Canyon tour options for every imaginable taste, time, mode or budget constraint. Expect an early morning until late evening or overnight trip if going by land. Sunrise and sunset are quite spectacular at the Canyon. Many half and full day air tours, both flying over only, as well as landing in or on the edge of the canyon, are also available. Visit our Grand Canyon Detail Section. Grand Canyon Information Center: (520) 638-7888.
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Grand Canyon Explorer - hiking, lots of pictures, sponsored by the Grand Canyon Pioneers Society
Maps and History of the Grand Canyon
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Here is a video of All Blues by Miles Davis. It comes from then jazz album, Kind of Blue . By the way, Miles Davis is the person playing the trumpet in this video (the third on the left in the picture).

At over forty-eight minutes, . is one of the longest jazz albums of its period. Subsequent Davis recordings would be even longer.

The first two days featured calm water and little wind. On Day Three, however, the guys finished their trek paddling against the wind and current.

Miles Davis In Person Saturday Night At The Blackhawk San Francisco Volume 2Miles Davis In Person Saturday Night At The Blackhawk San Francisco Volume 2Miles Davis In Person Saturday Night At The Blackhawk San Francisco Volume 2Miles Davis In Person Saturday Night At The Blackhawk San Francisco Volume 2