FOR THE MANAGER PROGRAMMING This chapter illustrates how to program your cash register. Program every item necessary for your store by following the appropriate procedure. • You can select the language of texts printed on receipts or journals from English, German, French or Spanish.

Advocacy group Dritte Option challenges lawmakers to take the German Federal Constitutional Court’s assessment seriously, which states that the general right of personality as well as article 3,3 of the German Constitution protect the “gender identity of those who cannot be assigned a male or female gender,” and to include all groups of people affected by the ensuing reform, regardless of their biological condition (which includes non-binary intersex and trans people), in order to avoid further violations of the Constitution as well as legal uncertainties. Professor Wapler states that since the Supreme Court has advanced the jurisdiction for personal rights, it is now up to the legislature to conceive of a provision free of discrimination.

Background. The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and its higher grades were based on four separate enactments. The first enactment, Reichsgesetzblatt I S. 1573 of 1 ...

   This along with the + (plus) indicates that a higher grade of Knight's Cross was awarded as well.
   This along with the * (asterisk), indicates that the Knight's Cross was awarded posthumously .
   This along with the ? (question mark) indicates that author Veit Scherzer has expressed doubt regarding the veracity and formal correctness of the listing.

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