Our mission today is accomplished by advocating scientifically-based consensus codes and standards, research, and education for fire and related safety issues. NFPA's National Fire Codes are developed by technical committees staffed by over 5,000 volunteers, and are adopted and enforced throughout the world. NFPA functions as a nonprofit membership organization with more than 65,000 members from around the globe, all working together to fulfill the Association's mission. 

Today the NFPA is strong and ready for the future. Many other important documents have risen from the pain and suffering of innumerable fires to join NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems and NFPA 70, National Electrical Code .  As voyagers in time on a journey not yet completed, we must all work together throughout the world to continue with the NFPA as the premier organization for reducing the burden of fire and related hazards. 

The penthouse is currently being occupied by the famous director Chester Rush (Tarantino) and a group of his friends, which includes Angela from The Wrong Man . The party requests a block of wood, a doughnut, a ball of twine, three nails, a club sandwich, a bucket of ice, and an extremely sharp hatchet (Rush specifically requests a hatchet "as sharp as the Devil himself"). After getting acquainted with Chester and his friends, Ted is asked to take part in a challenge: Chester's friend, Norman ( Paul Calderón ), has bet he can light his Zippo cigarette lighter ten times in a row. If he succeeds, Norman will win Chester's car, but if he fails, Norman's pinky will be cut off. Ted is asked to "wield the hatchet" and cut off Norman's pinky, should he fail. He initially tries to leave, but Chester persuades him to stay by offering $100 up front and another $1,000 if he performs his assigned role. Norman's lighter fails on the first try, and Ted chops off his pinky, sweeps up all the money, and leaves the penthouse with an energetic step. While the credits are rolling, Chester and company are seen frantically getting ready to take a screaming, agonized Norman to the hospital.

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UL is a global independent safety science company offering expertise across three strategic businesses: Commercial & Industrial, Consumer and UL Ventures. Our breadth, established objectivity and proven history mean we are a symbol of trust, enabling us to help provide peace of mind to all.

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