It is with great pride that we can still manufacture in Australia, and the footwear produced as Parigina and Modena complies with, and is licensed by, the Australia Made Campaign Limited.

This is Harley in folkie mode. Ron’s article was written for the Shrewsbury Folk Club magazine in the 1970s. I believe his source material was in the Shrewsbury Chronicle archives, though there is also other material  relating to the death of Thomas Anderson, notably in the Shropshire Gazetteer (also transcribed below). Sadly, Ron recently passed on, but I was at least able to sing the song in his presence, tell the story of how I came to write it, and shake his hand at a Shrewsbury Folk Club reunion a few years ago. I transcribed Ron’s article for my Shropshire Blues blog – which has a lot to do with Shropshire, but not very much to do with blues or even cheese – but I’ve now reproduced it in the article you’re currently reading.

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