Drummer Ross Hales, bassist Rachel Melas, and keyboardist/singer Elizabeth Fisher all came together in Vancouver around 1980 to form a group they named Animal Slaves. The band offered pop/rock music that didn't completely fit the pop mold with its unusual dash of funk and jazz. The threesome did shows in both Canada and the United States, earning a small fan base in each country. In 1986 Animal Slaves recorded an independent cassette, Secret Sharper, to sell at shows… read more

Aristotle, and later the Stoics , believed the world was populated by an infinity of beings arranged hierarchically according to their complexity and perfection, from the barely living to the merely sentient , the rational, and the wholly spiritual. In this Great Chain of Being , as it came to be known, all forms of life were represented as existing for the sake of those forms higher in the chain. Among corporeal beings, humans, by dint of their rationality, occupied the highest position. The Great Chain of Being became one of the most persistent and powerful, if utterly erroneous , ways of conceiving the universe, dominating scientific, philosophical, and religious thinking until the middle of the 19th century.

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