I’m also chomping at the bit to announce the upcoming release date for both the Motel Mirrors full-length debut, In the Meantime , and my new solo record Heart Shaped Shadow . We’re dropping both records together on the same date on Last Chance Records . Stay tuned!

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A few months after Kasten lost to Democrat Russ Feingold in the November 1992 election , Ryan became a speechwriter for Empower America (now FreedomWorks ), a conservative advocacy group founded by Jack Kemp , Jeane Kirkpatrick , and William Bennett . [15] [37] [38]

GOVERNOR--The Colony of Virginia was from 1607 to 1624, under the control of the Virginia Company, of London. At the first settlement, in 1607, the governing body consisted of a council of seven, with a president whom they were to select out of their own number. This system lasted until 1609, when the Company chose a Governor and Lieutenant Governor (Lord Delaware and Sir Thomas Gates) who were the first to bear those titles, and whose successors were, like themselves, appointed by the Company, until the revocation of its charter.

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